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Twitter’s Amplify Publisher Program – New Revenue share for Video Creators

An attempt to compete with larger video platforms like YouTube & Facebook.

Twitter Monetization- Amplify Publisher Program-EazywalkersTwitter is opening it’s new video platform – Amplify Publisher program, previously only open to a select few such as  BuzzFeed, Vox Media, Sports Illustrated and Time Inc. In an attempt to compete with YouTube and Facebook Twitter’s new video program will enable creators to make money from pre-roll ads on their videos but seems to only be approving creators in the US at this time. Publishers who are part of ‘Twitter’s Amplify Program’ get 70% of the ad-share revenue from the ads on their videos compared to YouTube’s revenue share at 55% creators will be able to track your earnings with the app called ‘Twitter Engage’ with it’s function called ‘Earnings’..

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Making money on Twitter just got a whole lot easier. The company announced the launch of its Amplify Publisher Program, which will give creators of all sizes the ability to generate revenue through pre-roll ads that run against their Twitter videos.

In an attempt to compete with much larger video-distribution platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, Twitter will now pay individual video creators a share of the advertising revenue that is generated by their videos.

The monetization feature, known as the Amplify Publisher program, was previously open only to a small group of publishers and media partners such as BuzzFeed, Vox Media, and Time Inc. (which owns Fortune).

Activating pre-rolls is only open to ‘approved’ creators in the U.S., writes Twitter’s director of product management, Guy Snir, in a company blog post, but is as easy as checking a box prior to Tweeting. Creators can choose to monetize Tweet-by-Tweet, or pre-set a monetization option for all of their videos. In addition, monetization isn’t exclusive to Twitter – meaning users can opt to run ads against the same content on other platforms as well.

Users can sign up for the Amplify Publisher program here. And whereas YouTube lets creators keep 55% of advertising revenues and pockets the other 45%, Twitter will reportedly enable users to take home 70% of ad revenues.

The Amplify Publisher Program is an expansion of Twitter’s Amplify advertising program, which launched in 2013 and enables big-name publishers like MTV, Sports Illustrated, TIME, and The Huffington Post to monetize their premium videos with pre-roll ads. And Amplify Publisher represents yet another revenue stream for creators on top of Niche, writes Snir, which works with 35,000 leading creators on branded campaigns, and also hosts exclusive creator meet-ups and access to cross-platform analytics.

The expanded program will allow anyone who has been approved by the company to make money from pre-roll ads on their videos by simply checking a box before they post it to the network, according to a blog post written by Guy Snir.

Video creators can choose whether to add the advertising feature to each clip they post, or can opt in to having advertising added to all of the videos they upload, and they maintain the right to monetize the same content on other video platforms.

In order to help creators upload, manage, publish, and monetize videos on Twitter, the company announced a new desktop site called Media Studio. Within the Media Studio, users will able to see a unified library of all their videos, GIFs, and images. The Studio will also support multiple accounts and give users the ability to pre-schedule Tweets.

Twitter hasn’t said how it will choose which users are approved for the new program, but it does have more than 35,000 content creators who are signed up with Niche, the marketing startup it acquired last year that helps video artists on Twitter’s Vine service connect with brands.

The company has been criticized in the past by video creators who use Vine for not helping them make money on their videos, something that has driven some users to YouTube.

The Alphabet subsidiary rolled out its YouTube Red subscription service last year, in what it said was an attempt to generate more dependable revenue for artists and media entities that use the service to host their content, and some Vine artists have moved to that model.

Facebook, meanwhile, doesn’t currently monetize its videos through pre-roll advertising, but it has been paying both media companies and individuals to use its live-streaming feature. According to one report, the social network is paying some Vine artists as much as $ 24,000 per video to use the feature.

In June, Twitter released a stand-alone app called Twitter Engage that allows celebrities to track their content and interact with fans, and the app will now have a section called ‘Earnings’ that allows users to see how much they have made from the Amplify program.

On Twitter’s previously announced standalone Engage app, which offers creators down-to-the-second analytics and surfaces @mentions and follows from fellow influencers and loyal fans, there will now be an ‘Earnings’ section enabling users to track revenues from ads as well as their Niche campaigns. Users can apply for Media Studio access at, or sign up for the Amplify Publisher Program and Niche inside the new ‘Earnings’ tab within Engage.

See Twitter Video Profile here,

Amplify Publisher Program benefits include:

  • Industry leading revenue share model
  • Complete opt-in control / flexibility. Program participants can either elect to opt-in videos Tweet-by-Tweet, or pre-set monetization for all of their videos
  • Content can be opted-in for monetization 100% non-exclusively, meaning creators can elect to monetize it on Twitter as well as other platforms


Earn revenue by creating content with brands

Niche is the creator-first platform that provides creators with the ability to grow, understand, and monetize their social presence across all networks. Niche, a part of the Twitter family since 2015, works with 35,000 creators worldwide alongside top brands to develop authentic and resonating branded content.

Program benefits include:

  • Work with industry leading brands on a campaign-by-campaign basis
  • Attend exclusive meet-up’s / events with creators from all over the world
  • Access analytics across all of your major social networks


Seamless product support across desktop & mobile

Today, we’re announcing product upgrades that will make publishing and monetizing on Twitter as effortless as sending a Tweet. Creators can now upload, manage and publish media more efficiently and effectively than ever before across both Desktop (via the new Media Studio) and Mobile (via the Twitter Engage app).

Media Studio, which replaces, provides a comprehensive Desktop destination where you can access all of our publishing tools and resources.

Key upgrades include:

  • A new unified media library (videos, GIFs, and images)
  • New Tweet scheduling / planning capabilities
  • Team management and multi-account support
  • Improvements in stability and upload performance


Twitter- Monetization-Amplify Publisher Program- Eazywalkers

To make things even simpler, we’ve added an “Earnings” section to the Twitter Engage Mobile app that we launched in June. This new section allows creators to easily track their earnings for not only Twitter, but Niche programs as well.

How to get started? Easy!
  • For Desktop, visit for Media Studio access. For those not already signed-up, you can apply for access here.
  • For Mobile, download the Twitter Engage app, click on the “Earnings” tab, and sign-up for the Amplify Publisher Program and Niche directly within the app to see if you are eligible. The updates will be reflected in the App Store in the coming days.


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