Google's Ranking Factors: 200+ SEO Ranking Factors [2020]
Google's Ranking Factors: 200+ SEO Ranking Factors [2020]

The ranking factors of search engines like Google remain a well-kept secret. No matter how experienced and skilled in the field of online marketing or search engine optimization, no one is sure that he know all the related ranking factors down to the smallest detail.

The most important factors are clear to the experts, but anyone who wants to get an idea of ​​optimization for search engines to optimize their website on their own is often completely overwhelmed with terms such as anchor text, CTR, EAT, or link juice.

To bring some clarity, we will tell you which SEO factors will be of particular importance in 2020, in our opinion, as an SEO agency in Bengaluru. The good news is that not everything will slow down in 2020. Many SEO ranking factors have been very relevant for many years. Others, however, are relatively new and bring some boost to the ranking.

The 5 most important factors of SEO Raking 2020

First, we present factors that have been especially important in the long run. This includes keyword research, the completeness of the content, click-through rates & length of stay, backlinks from reputable sources, and more.


At the beginning of every SEO, professional and extensive keyword research should be done. It is like building a house if the foundations are not correct; The rest may not be optimal! Of course, this is not a trend for 2020, but it is still fundamentally important to be able to be found better at Google.

Search intent

Make sure that the content you create is relevant to your readers and that it really matches the search intent. As a general rule, a distinction is made between three different search intentions.

  1. Information search
  2. Product search
  3. Search navigation

The search intent you need to cover is highly dependent on the related keywords. To determine search intent, simply enter the keyword you want to rank for in the search engine in Google and see the first ten results. If online stores that want to sell their products are displayed here, the search intent is to search for products.

If blog articles are shown on the first page, the intention is probably to search for information.


Once the keywords and search intent are known, the question arises of how much the text should be and what content should appear in the text. In addition to the actual text, it can be, for example, an image or a video.

Better to revisit the competitors to find out what content is relevant. The first five search results for your keyword are sufficient here. These are reminders of you, and your goal should always be a little better than that of your competitors.

First, see how many words of plain text the first five competitors have. If there are around 1,500 words for all of them, then it will be very difficult for you to rank high in search results with just 300 words. You should use 1500 words as a guide and maybe cross them a bit. However, only if you can communicate additional relevant content.


The first goal in search engine optimization is to rank as high as possible. But even if you can be found in position 1 with your search term, users will see at least 3 more search results, depending on the screen size. For you, this means that you will also have to stay out of the competition for 2020. And this is done through particularly eye-catching meta information containing relevant keywords.

Internal link and backup

Internal link

Let’s start with the internal link. These are just links to your own website. A particularly good example is Wikipedia. Here, every word of a text that fits another post is constantly connected. And the ranking shows that it can have a positive impact on the relevance of individual pages.


On the other hand, backlinks are nothing more than links to other pages on your website. In 2020, backlinks are an important aspect of search engine optimization. The more high-quality backlinks refer to a page, the higher the relevance to Google. Because backlinks are basically nothing more than recommendations from others to read the content. Reliable links are still an important part of search engine optimization, although link building has often been said to be no longer relevant.

The conclusion

The year 2020 will again bring some exciting changes in online marketing and especially in the area of search engine optimization. The trends are at least clearly recognizable, and if you want to get a head start, you shouldn’t wait too long until optimization starts. Competitors don’t wait either.

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