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How digital marketing will Help FMCG brands

Digital marketing means more: more information, more options, more problems, more solutions

Digital marketing will make “MORE” the new normal

Digital marketing means more. More information, more options, more problems, more solutions. People can explore more options before buying something, find more information about the company, compare the price with its direct competitors, find more ways to get a simple product that was previously purchased from a small store near home.

In this world of too many, customers want more than just the product, because it is one of the oldest and best ways that Product A outperforms Product B, simply by offering more.

In the digital space, brands must offer something more than the product such as: free samples with the product or other types of gifts or mini versions of products, discounts on birthdays / anniversaries, exclusive offers for regular buyers, a free product in the purchase . of a certain amount, improving the user experience or gamifying the entire purchase / interaction process with the brand. Until you offer more, you are going to have a hard time winning the FMCG game in the digital age, because MORE is the new normal.

Digital marketing will revolutionize lead generation:

Gone are the days when an individual had to travel to a different city or town, enter a physical market to research, find and meet potential commercial distributors, and take days roundtrip to finalize and finally begin distribution of products. in the new city. The pandemic in question has forced everyone to realize that change is the only constant and to survive; today’s marketers must be “adept at adapting.”

The new Covid-19 virus has exponentially accelerated the trends of food, clothing and online banking orders. Today’s work-from-home scenario only adds cherry to the cake. Since the world is an “internet village,” it is imperative that new-age marketers get away with traditional marketing theories and drink the elixir of today’s marketing age: digital marketing has the potential to revolutionize the lead generation, introduce transparency, target the right audience at the right time and at the right time. Fortunately, people have started to find ways through digital platforms to reach the right people; eliminate clutter and organize leads systematically.

Lead generation through digital marketing is a blessing in disguise for small businesses that didn’t pocket a lot because with just an ad on Facebook or Google with a few thousand rupees; Anyone can make calls with hundreds of interested partners, even from the most remote towns across the country, just by sitting in one place. Lead generation through digital is already transforming other industries. Plus, it’s only a matter of time before the FMCG revolutionizes too.

Digital marketing will make “ATTENTION” essential A:

Until now, B schools, C-level executives in the consumer goods sector, and other industry stalwarts have been endorsing and betting heavily on the three gold A’s of the consumer goods business: Availability, Knowledge, and access.

However, with the changing times and the penetration of the Internet in our lives, ATTENTION is the new A and, most importantly, a brand must understand that if you have the attention of a modern customer, you have already won half the battle. . Because with increasing global awareness, competition and available options, customers have the attention of a butterfly and are adept at finding their place among the brand clutter. Connecting with customers on a personal level, understanding their needs both real and secret, and pleasing the customer is the only way a brand can stand out and build customer loyalty.

Retaining a customer is always cheaper than acquiring a new one. Brands, retailers, and marketers must understand the real and opportunity cost of losing a customer. One wrong move and your customer is using your competitor’s product.

Effective digital marketing enables marketers to show personalized ads to the right audience, grab their attention, and hit the mark.

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