How to be aware of the deceptions on social media
How to be aware of the deceptions on social media

There are many types of scams on social media. It is important to know how to avoid being cheated in any way. In this post we will discuss about some social media scams that are important to avoid.

See who’s viewing your Facebook profile !?

You may have already seen many posts on Facebook or Instagram with the same title or similar title mentioned in the title. Such “clickjacking” scams deceive people by exploiting their questioning habits. Using this type of tool, it is not possible to see who is viewing your profile.

Basically these companies sell this personal information to third parties. Occasionally malware enters the phone through these sites. So don’t ruin the security of your account and personal information by clicking on the Clickbeit brand link like “See who’s viewed your profile / who is unknowingly visiting your profile”.

Lottery / Giveaway 

The most common scam on social media is lottery or giveaway. Even though this is a known scam, most Facebook users still waste a lot of time on this issue. This type of cheating happens in different ways.

In some cases, cheating is done only to increase the likes of the page or the members of the group. This could be marked as spam for your Facebook account.

Another type of deception is that if you win a lottery, the lottery money will be sent to you very soon. The fraudster will then take the money in the name of sending money to your bank account, talking about bank fees, transfer fees, etc.

Do you know who visited Facebook profile ?

This type of deception is quite easy to avoid. Check the Terms and Conditions to see if any of the lotteries or giveaways are real. And don’t forget to believe that you won the prize without participating. If there are not enough conditions for a lottery or giveaway, you can take it as a red flag. Also try your own judgment.

Account cancelled

This type of scam is usually done through email. In a fancy way, hackers are also continuing this scam on social media. The password and username were taken away by sending a message stating that the social media account has been cancelled. This information is then used to steal the user’s personal information.

So if you ever want to update any information on social media, enter the site directly, but check it. Avoid clicking on any links found otherwise.

Confirm Email Account

As with previous scams, this phishing case involves confirmation of email account or any other security issue. In the name of this confirmation, the user’s email address and password are taken. Besides, installing virus or malware on the device is a matter of routine.

Becoming rich overnight

Money attracts everyone, it is a normal thing. And some fraudsters are deceiving people on social media by capitalizing on this innate trait of human beings. In the case of such scams, it is said to become a millionaire overnight by investing money in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The amount of income is mentioned in the post.

Simply look at one thing. If someone knows how to double or triple the amount of money he invests in, why would he help you without using it?

In most cases of social media scams, if you think a little, the issue of cheating becomes clear. If you want to raise money through investment, talk to an expert about this. Don’t forget to check the posts seen on social media and don’t be fooled into believing.

Photo of you

A few days ago, the whole Facebook was filled with this scam. Originally the image of the victim was set as a thumbnail of a link. Victim is then asked to view “Photos of you”. And by clicking on the website link to view this picture, if they are trapped, the account will be hacked or the hacker will get control of the account. This is basically a type of phishing scam that is widely used to steal account login information.

Instagram celebrity scam

Of all the scams on the Internet, the Instagram celebrity scam is the most deadly. Originally, a fraudster opened the fan page of a popular celebrity and brought a lot of fake followers and likes. And because of the followers and likes, the credibility of these accounts increases, which a fraudster who invests in falls into the trap of his fraud.

A cheater who has opened a fanpage in the name of a celebrity keeps an eye on his fans. Then the fans who are excessive, are targeted. These people are said to be given the opportunity to meet the celebrities of their choice through messages Then the money is taken in the name of agency fee or travel expenses.

Telegram cryptocurrency scam

There are numerous telegram groups on the phone called cryptocurrency mining. In the case of cryptocurrency mining, as in other frauds, a fraudster shows the number of participants. Such telegram groups are basically filled with fake accounts. From these accounts again various fake proofs are posted to gain credibility.

The Telegram Group provides a link to the website in the name of withdrawal or claim in case of fraud by showing greed for cryptocurrency. And if you enter these websites, the device may be hacked or a virus may enter. In many cases, cryptocurrency withdrawal or transfer fee is taken in the name of transfer fee or withdrawal fee.

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