Optimizing and Updating Your Content for B2B Success
Optimizing and Updating Your Content for B2B Success – Lillian Haase Searchmetrics

Episode Overview: Most content requires some technical tweaks or edits after publication to truly maximize any content piece’s reach. SEO strategies and data acquisition are integral to these processes. Join host Ben as he continues B2B SEO week with Searchmetrics’ Director of European Marketing Lillian Haase as they discuss how B2Bs can boost visibility and increase traffic by identifying SEO optimization opportunities in their content strategy.


  • Google rewards sites that cater to the user experience, including providing quality content and ensuring the website is user friendly.
  • Strategically place call to actions, popups and notifications where they make the most sense and genuinely contribute to improving the user experience.
  • Utilizing software like Hotjar can help you identify where user attention is and isn’t, which helps inform your content strategy to remove, edit or add elements to your content.

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