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Strategies to Build Links Through Content Marketing, use a social proof of concept

Before tackling a new content idea, it’s comforting to have proof that it will run smoothly.

Of course, that is not possible.

You can never know 100% that content will meet your goals. But you can get a better idea of ​​whether you are likely to be successful.

We call it “social proof of concept.” Marketers often use this strategy as a way to gauge the promotional viability of what they are creating.

Let’s examine what it is and how to use it to create engaging content.

What is “social proof of concept”?

Social proof of concept is one of the many ways you can generate content ideas.

It basically means that similar content has performed well in the past, which means that something along the same lines that is better is likely to perform even more impressive now.

As you explore examples of content that garnered a large amount of social engagement, you may wonder:

Are people talking about it?
What was it about this content that could have made it so successful?
Is there something missing that we can add/improve?
Is there anything about the methodology/design that we can learn from?
What conversation is going on around the topic that you can contribute to now?
Are there any ideas that complement this content and contribute to the discussion?

When you can identify what has been successful in the past, you can start with a much greater chance of creating something that really resonates with people.

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