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Successful Digital Marketing Strategies for Restaurant Business

Digital marketing is required for every business. If you run a restaurant business it is necessary to get online visibility. To stand out from the crowd you need have some solid marketing strategy. Here we will discuss some effective digital marketing strategies that help you to grow your restaurant business.

Responsive Websites

Every restaurants business (whether a small or big) should have a good website. By creating a good website you can convert visitors to your potential customers. The website should be updated regularly with the content and have a faster load time and be easy to navigate.

Tips for creating a website that converts visitors to customers:

  • Provide in good pictures in website so that people will love it. Try hire a professional photographer if is required. Mention offer in brief on your website homepage
  • Put menu, opening and closing hours, address and delivery hours (if you are doing online delivery).
  • Put a blog section in the website where you can regularly write a blog or put some videos. Use keywords in the blog. It will help get found by search engines and drive visitors to your site.
  • Keep in mind that most visitors will browse using their mobile devices. So make your website MOBILE FRIENDLY.
  • Also your website should be built in a “responsive” mode so that it will convert to a mobile or tablet screen for easy viewing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want to grow you online visibility then you can opt for SEO service. SEO consists of some techniques and procedures such as link-building and back-end website construction to make sure your website ranks for keywords related to your business. You will get your organic traffic by including SEO service in your marketing plan.

Use the below SEO components to found your business online.

  • Local search. Your business should be visible in the Local search. To check this you will see a portion of containing of your business information like name, pictures, hours etc. This is important for local restaurants.
  • Directory listings. Your business should be listed in the directory search with containing correct information of your business.
  • Pay per Click (PPC).  You can run paid campaign to found your business online through web search. The budget will depend on the keywords. When someone will click the link then your money will be deducted.

Social Media

Social media continue to grow and develop as a key component to successful restaurant digital marketing. With knowing do and don’t rules you can make effective plan. Social media is not a pure advertising platform. Consider it platform where daily conversation happening between both end.
The two most vital social media platforms for restaurants are Facebook and Instagram. For the aim of this article, we are getting to focus more on Facebook, but many of an equivalent technique are often applied to Instagram. Your social media posts can follow 3 guidelines:

  • Update your customer about things of your business, do not sell directly.
  • make your posts interesting, engaging and creative
  • Keep up with the events, concerts, etc. in your community

You need to get more followers on your social media pages. In Facebook page you can include a call to action “like” button. You can share this to your website and also ask your in-house marketing team, staff, employees, and vendors to like the page. In paid way you can choose “Facebook advertising” to bring in your target audience. Facebook ads have option to “boosts” your existing posts. Also you can create specific ads to run on Facebook. Custom advertisements includes describe your restaurant and ask people to “like” your page, or direct people to your website with a specific call to action.

Below are some successful social media strategies that you can include in your plan:

  • Use brand posts that tell a small description about your restaurant. Also take pictures of your customers with permission while they enjoying a meal or drinks.
  • Inform your followers about your specials (If you have any) by posting an inviting picture of the special and a brief description. Also put a link to either your menu or to reserve a table online.
  • Inform your followers of about events in the community and get involved with it. These types of posts are likely to be shared and increase your followers.
  • Use hashtags

Respect your social media followers. Post our content regularly, but do not over post. Do not give useless information. 4 to 5 good posts every week are good. Facebook has algorithms that determine the standard and hence the visibility of your posts on your followers’ news feeds. Make the posts count. Quality, not quantity is that the rule here.

Email Marketing

E-mail remains vital in digital marketing. In fact, some studies have shown that it’s still the foremost effective sort of digital marketing for conversions. Unlike social media, email allows you a way greater opportunity to collect personal data about your customers so you’ll market on to them. Recommendations for a successful email program include:

• Using a good email service which will manage your data base for you.

• Creating and utilizing a symbol up card to urge given name, email address, birthday and anniversary (if applicable) of all email members.

• Having a clear email sign-up form on your website.

• Give offers to your customers while they signing up.  

• Try to send an email to your customers by giving a special discount on their birthday. Encourage them to require an image while enjoying their birthday meal and use it on social media.

• Making the content interesting. Offer a special. Make these folks desire “insiders.”

• Include a link to your menu and website on every sending email.

• Send an invitation to your email members to follow you on Facebook and Instagram.

• Not abusing their trust in you. Don’t overwhelm them with e-mails—two a month is simply right.

Texting programs also can be quite effective, but they’re a touch tricky. If you opt to use one, determine a selected strategy, and send meaningful and useful information and specials. Don’t flood your customer’s phones with constant texts.

Reputation Management

Online reputation helps business to grow. Visitors will like to see reviews in the Google and other sites for your business. Once someone writes an honest review please be thankful for them. Getting a negative comment is very unfavorable for your business. So try to keep a watch on your online reputation regularly.

Loyalty Apps / Online Ordering

Now many numbers of restaurants are using online apps for customer loyalty programs and online ordering. There are many companies that provide these. For the restaurants who prefer to use these (and there are many good programs available), you would like to form sure you’re ready to effectively manage the program. Many restaurants are quite successful with these, while others will recover results from more traditional loyalty programs like punch cards or key chain tags.


If you will to take digital marketing for restaurants, you’ll definitely get to stay updated on the simplest practices and methods.  You can hire best digital marketing company in Bangalore. Our experts team will guide to you developed a solid digital marketing strategy for restaurants.

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