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Most of us are not that much aware of the role of a good website in business brand building. If you search in internet to know about Web design services Kerala | Bangalore then a number of unknown sites come in front. But, the locally grown up entrepreneurs always choose us because we know the culture of customers. Before selecting a service you should gain some basic knowledge about website building.

In the physical world the first impression always evolves from how it looks like.The colour combination, layout,user friendliness, simplicity etc. are some factors which makes a good website. Here in Eazy Walkers, we pay attention to customer behaviour, information architecture, competitive analysis, ethnocentric graphics, explicit brand strategies etc. for prior to Web Designing.

We use the best platform for Web designing, keeping Search Engine Optimization code as concern. It is important for us that the web designing should be clean and appealing. Screen crowded text and distracting graphics disturbs viewers. A clean design helps them to focus on the value of the brand and the content. Hence,it is vital to create a clean interactive design for positive user experience that encourages customers to return.

There are some things too to consider when developing a website;
1. Color schemes– The colours have the ability to evoke emotional responses. It is essential to consider the target audience, branding and elements of colour theory while designing a website.

2. Branding– Both large and small business branding is important. The viewer’s overall opinion comes from the placement of the brand’s logo and its design. Professionally designed logos is an added advantage to the brand’s unique voice and it successfully catches the customer’s eye.

3. Usability– To garner customer interest and encourage business the usability of the website should be easily accessible.If we displaying product/service information in a concise and clear manner then the usability can be increased. The blog, email news letter, contact information, social sharing like elements enacts further interaction with your brands. When optimizing the usability of the website these key elements are essential to review.

4. Short Loading Time- Customers can be switch to other due to slow loading time issue of your website.To  increase customer engagement and provide a positive experience, the designer should evaluate website’s loading time periodically. If your site deliver short load times the customers will get information quickly from it and helps your business too.

5.Tracking- For traditional and mobile websites, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster Tools can be used to monitor Traffic, engagement and rates of conversion.These mechanisms accurately and efficiently calculate ROI (Return On Investment). By analysing  the data from the Tools, we can find out which marketing campaigns work best and which are not. These insights tells us why customers come, stay and leave your website. It also help us to build perfect marketing strategies and engagement tricks to maximize result.

Compatibility with multiple browsers, Mobile site Vs Responsive sites, good Functionality, Navigation and Back end Services, Comprehensive site map etc are also major concern in developing a Website.