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seo interview questions 2021

seo interview questions and answers 2021

From fresher to still experiences:

1. In which year Google was founded?

2. What does Google stand for?

3. What is web hosting?

4. What is Search Engine Optimization?

5. What is a paid result?

6. What is Payperclick(PPC)?

7. What is Click-through rate(CTR)?

8. What is exact match domain(EMD)?

9. What is Search Engine Results Pages(SERP)?

10. What is Search Engine Submission?

11. What is the difference between page rank and Search engine result page?

12. What is a domain?

13. What is country code top-level domain(ccTLD)?

14. What does www stand for? What is it?

15. How SEO is work for Business?

16. What is Index?

17. What is Crawling?

18. What is spider?

19. What is Googlebot?

20. What is Robots.txt?

21. What is an HTML Sitemap?

22. What is an XML Sitemap?

23. How to optimize a website with millions of pages?

24. How can we increase the frequency of crawling by search engines?

25. What is a keyword?

26. What is Keyword Prominence?

27. What is keyword frequency?

28. What is Keyword Difficulty?

29. What is Keyword Proximity & Keyword Density?

30. What is Keyword Stuffing?

31. What is keyword mapping?

32. How do you know if you are using the right number of keywords on a page?

33. What is long tail keyword?

34. What is Name, Address, and Phone number(NAP)?

35. Different between Sitemap.xml vs Sitemap.html?

36. What is Local SEO?

37. What are the SEO Metas?

38. Types of SEO Metas?

39. What is anchor text in SEO?

40. What does URL stand for?

41. How do you optimize an URL?

42. What is Canonical URL?

43. What is SEO Friendly URLs?

44. What does SEO Manager do?

45. Why SEO is so important to businesses?

46. Name a few search engines other than Google.

47. Who are the founders of Google?

48. What are the most important Google Ranking Factors?

49. What is Google Autocomplete?

50. What are all the popular SEO tools available in the market?

51. Why is anchor text important to SEO?

52. What is DA & How important is DA?

53. Difference between DA and PA

54. What is Spam Score?

55. Which tool will help to track your Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), Content, context, and conversation(SS)?

56. What is White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO??

57. What is White Grey SEO?

58. What is a private blog network (PBN)?

59. What is a do-follow & no-follow link?

60. What is On-Page SEO?

61. What is bounce rate in SEO?

62. What are header tags?

63. What are meta descriptions?

64. What is link Building?

65. What is link earning?

66. What are outbound links?

67. What are inbound links?

68. What are Internal Links?

69. What is robots.txt?

70. What is Google’s Rich Answer Box?

71. What is Schema Markup?

72. Difference between an inbound link and an outbound link?

73. What is Title Tag?

74. What is 301 redirect?

75. How can we improve the landing page quality?

76. What is Search Console / Webmaster Tools?

77. What is ALT / Image Tag?

78. What is Google Analytics?

79. Things covered in Google Analytics?

80. What is Event Tracking?

81. What is Disavow Tool?

82. What is Not Provided data in Keyword Reports?

83. What is Competitive Analysis?

84. How to see the list of pages indexed by Google?

85.Benefits from Google Analytics?

86. What are social signals?

87. What is meant by conversions and how will you track conversions through GA?

88. What is Off-Page SEO?

89. Is directory submission still working?

90. What are backlinks in SEO?

91. What is referral traffic?

92. How important are backlinks?

93. What is Forum Posting?

94. What is RSS Feed?

95. What is Blog Commenting?

96. What is Guest Posting?

97. SEO Value of blog commenting

98. Explain Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

99. What is Google Algorithm?

100. What are Doorway Pages?

101. What is Google Penalty?

102. What is Panda Update?

103. What to do if your website got penalized?

104. What is Penguin update?

105. What is Hummingbird Update?

106. What is Mobilegeddon update?

107. Google Pigeon Update?

108. What is Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)?

109. What is Rankbrain?

110. What is BERT algorithm?

111. List down the tools you use for SEO?

112. What are rich snippets?

113. What does Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) mean?

115. What stands for (YMYL) Your Money or Your Life?

116. What is Cloaking?

117. What are the common SEO Mistakes to be avoided?

118. How to decrease the loading time of the website?

119. What are all the crucial factors to improve the ranking?

120. What is Mobile First Indexing?

121. What is Press Release Submission in SEO?

122. What is the value of press releases?

123. What are contextual backlinks?

124. What are the social media platform used for SEO?

125. What is cross linking?

126. How to say a specific link is a bad one?

127. High-quality content or a high amount of backlinks?

128. What is SEO Audit?

129. What is a link audit?

130. What is out reach?

131. What is Moving Man Method?

132. What is skyscraper backlink technique?

133. Whom do you follow on Twitter for SEO updates?

134. Which blogs do you read to keep updating yourself?

135. Which are the activities need to do form drive the traffic?

136. Which are the activities need to do form drive the leadGen?

137. Which are the extension you are using in your SEO daily life?

138. How many seconds take to index your website by Google?

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