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If you follow the common sense advice available online, it is easy to believe that SEO is about sales, sales, and sales.

But there is more to a good SEO strategy than just helping your business generate more leads and increase your profits, although of course, both are desirable results.

This is what SEO can do for your business, in addition to increasing your sales figures.

1 – Improve the user experience

It is no coincidence that many of the principles that make up a good SEO strategy also help businesses create better, more user-friendly websites. Google and other search engines have one main goal at all times: to provide good results to all search queries made by users. As such, they are constantly adjusting their algorithms to encourage behavior that leads to good websites and content, and to punish behavior that leads users to be misled and frustrated.

This is also why you should be suspicious of any SEO guru who claims that you can make your site rank higher by doing things that make your site less useful to the average user.

2 – Build your credibility

These days, if you want to know if a brand is legitimate, the first thing to do is look for it online. Making sure your site is featured prominently and easy to find will help your brand gain the trust of customers, suppliers, potential employees, and anyone else you want to do business with. If your site isn’t the top result when someone searches for your business name, that doesn’t inspire trust.

3 – Expand brand awareness

Content marketing is becoming one of the most popular SEO strategies and it has several advantages. One of them is that when users visit your site and read a useful article there, it helps them get in touch with your brand. Even if that customer doesn’t end up making a purchase, having repeat visitors helps build awareness of your brand, which can lead to more business and opportunities in the future.

Regular readers can also help establish your brand as an authority in your industry, especially if you write content based on the experience of industry experts. Be your own experiences, those of the writers you hire.

4 – Find areas of optimization

Working with an SEO agency or using an SEO audit tool can help you identify areas where your site lacks optimization. Your site may need to be more mobile friendly, slow down its loading speeds, or easier to search. Whatever the case, these are problems that one could overlook if they are not working with tools that focus on boosting a site’s SEO.

5 – Attract users to your physical store

If you have a physical location at the top of a website, a good SEO strategy can help improve face-to-face traffic to your store. Customers are increasingly getting used to searching for local businesses online before they even leave home, which means that if your competition is more visible on online maps than you are, you’re at a huge disadvantage right out of the box.

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