What are some YouTube Marketing Strategies without spending any money?
What are some YouTube Marketing Strategies without spending any money?

#1 SEO(Search engine optimization)

A relevant Title

Keep your title limit of a maximum of 60 characters

Use of right keywords in Title and Description.

While choosing keywords, research on what people are searching for.

Add subtitles in your videos if needed.

Take care of the order of slides. Put first those slides which contain the main attraction content and following the rest.

Add CTA buttons wherever possible to ask them to subscribe to your channel or direct them on the website.

#2 Thumbnail: rolling the right way

Using a catchy thumbnail is a great tactic to make people view your videos.
Things to take care while making YouTube video thumbnail to make it stand out from others:

  • Choose the Right Video Thumbnail Size
    1280*720(16:9 ratio)
  • Background Image Matters
    The background image should go with the message you are conveying to your viewers.
  • Overlay Background Image with Text
    Place branding and descriptive text to enhance your Thumbnail image.
  • Use Right Font and Font Colors:
    Use custom fonts to make your video seem special. Choose the right colors for the text so that people can read your test easily.
  • Make your brand recognizable
    Add something in your thumbnails which will help people to recognize your brand while seeing any of your videos.

#3 Create videos which tell a story

If you just put content in your videos it will make your viewers feel bored.
Try to convey your message in a storytelling manner.
Make it a little bit entertaining to keep your viewers engaged in the video.

#4 A killer video description: makes viewers stick!

Making a great video is not enough. You also have to keep an attractive description as many people decide based on your description of whether to go ahead and watch your video or not.
Some advice for description:

Keep it short and crisp

Use relevant keywords based on research

Work on the starting 100 characters as that is the mind changing part.

#5 Hashtags for every #season ! Hashtags for every #reason !

To help your target audience finds your content easily on YouTube make sure you add 15 hyper-relevant keywords.
If you add more than 15 then it will make all your hashtags collapse.

#6 Organize your videos into playlists

When you make a Playlist on YouTube, videos automatically begin to play in a meaningful sequence
An organized playlist takes care of the fact that viewers don’t get distracted.

#7 Make Influencers an integral part of your Strategy for YouTube Marketing

YouTube fans look up to influencers and draw motivation from them.
But if it is a paid partnership then it will not be much useful to you.
Therefore, get only those influencers on-board who actually

believe in your cause,

utilize your brand and

are in-line with your company’s ethics.

#8 Category

After uploading your video, YouTube allows you to choose a category in the advanced settings.
Choose the category which best suits your video which will help your target audience to locate your videos easily thus leading to an increase in views of your video.

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