Facebook Dos and Don’ts For Visual MediaFacebook Do's and Dont's-Eazy-Walkers


  • Keep posts short & friendly – Description with less than 100-160 characters get more engagement.
  • Use Proper Hashtag
  • Give Proper Title to Video (Try to include the Keyword as Title)
  • Answer questions & respond to posts – Respond to your followers & be personal.
  • Ask questions & ask for feedback – Ask them often & listen to what your users are saying.
  • Provide helpful links-  Be sure to help educate your fans, not just promote our content.
  • Don’t Argue with fans/ viewers.
  • Follow thought leaders – Find people in your niche & follow them – and make sure to interact with them & their followers.
  • Post like and share
  • Use Facebook insight to analyze page performance
  • Follow the main competitors regularly
  • Say Thank You — Thank your followers & fans often. Make them the center of focus.Facebook Do's and Dont's- Eazy Walkers


  • Overpost — Only post when get good engagement.
  • Post High quality content- Post only good and relevant content
  • Excessive self-promotion–  90% of posts should be fun & informative, 10% can be promotion.
  • Use Bad Grammar — Make sure to avoid grammar errors or misspelled words in posts.
  • Overuse of Hashtags
  • Be Shy – Use the opportunity to speak directly to your consumers. Be outgoing & engaging.
  • Overshare
  • Be careful while dealing with Politics or Religion – Have your opinions yes. But you’ll run off over half your potential customers if you take a stand on political or religious issues. So choose your words wisely.
  • Respond Hastily — Remember your messages are public. Well thought out & correct answers are vital.
  • Bad Mouth Competitors — Don’t air your opinions on social media.
  • Share Secrets- Don’t share secrets – Some things need to stay in house & not be aired on social media.
  • Post too often
  • Be slow to respond
  • Not Responding at all
  • Send mass message to our network.

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