Reasons Why Do You Need A Dental Marketing Plan
Reasons Why Do You Need A Dental Marketing Plan

In the 21st century, it is impossible to avoid the marketing strategy in any field: beauty, food, teaching, etc. Everything requires a well thought out plan. And medical care is no exception. To improve your business, you must be present online, that is the reality. But each niche has its own details.

What is dental marketing?

Before discussing how dental marketing can help you, it is best to clarify what it means.

Traditional and digital marketing for dentists is a combination of actions that help promote a dental clinic, make it known to people, and work on its overall reputation and loyalty. The methods can be offline (for example, if the clinic is located in Bangalore, delivering the brochures in neighbouring areas) and online (for example, you can apply to the dental marketing agency or digital marketing agency in Bangalore you have a dental marketing department, to create a strategy that is perfect for your business).

A well thought out strategy is essential in the healthcare industry, as new clinics open every day, people have many options, and you must stand out for people to choose you. So do not avoid marketing in dental practice, it is your best friend who is sure to help you reach new heights.

How to attract quality patients through online dental marketing?

Since we’ve already figured out what dental marketing is, let’s take a look at exactly how you can use it to improve your business. These are the most popular and effective variants:

1.Use local FB ads: It is important to be specific. We don’t think the advertisements from their Toronto-based clinic will generate much profit for the US audience You will waste your money mindlessly;
2.Try click-to-call ads: These announcements are intended for a person to call your clinic directly. And it’s so much easier to get the person on a date if they’ve already called, isn’t it?
3.Send appointment reminders to people: It would feel personal, the patient will think that they have not been forgotten, and it would also be beneficial to busy clients. Also, it could be a reminder for yearly procedures, eg teeth cleaning;
4.Create referral bonuses: The person would choose a trusted dentist, that is a fact. To motivate your customers to tell people about you! For example, get a $ 10 discount for every referral they bring;
5.Video advertising: Show your clinic, the work process, tell more about yourself. As studies showed, video ads increase people’s loyalty and are more likely to choose you.

Kindly reminder. These methods all work best together as a complex solution. Consider it while building your strategy.

How do you know if your dental office marketing is working?

Let’s consider this: you have your dental marketing plan but still doubt whether or not it’s working. How to check its effectiveness and find out which parts you should improve the most? What aspects is better to pay attention to?

1.The first, and most obvious, is the number of appointments at your dental office. By looking at your website statistics or ad analysis, you will know which source has brought you the most appointment requests. Measure all the numbers and compare them at the end of the month to see the results;
2.Your website is reaching the top of Google Search. Any dental digital marketing agency in Bangalore will tell you that a successful business demands a successful website. It’s basically your face in the digitized 21st century. So, focus on search engine optimization to get to the top of the best clinics and get new clients;
3.The number of new unique visitors to your website is increasing. As we already mentioned, your website is the face of the business. There you will find the most detailed information about your services, customer experience, staff. That is why it tends to attract most of the new customers. Describe the target market of the dental clinic in your ads, emphasize search results optimization and make the website as comfortable and understandable as possible for people;
4.Your online reputation is improving. This aspect is conclusive. If you pay attention to everything we mentioned above, your reputation would increase not only online but also offline. Happy customers will tell others about you; people will want to get to know your clinic better, and in the following way, the number of unique visitors and new clients will increase.

As you can see, all the factors are connected. There is no such thing as a minor detail in modern dental marketing. Everything works as a complete mechanism.


You can’t achieve good results without a plan, which is why marketing is so important. If you are unsure of your abilities, contact the Eazy walkers team to get to the top as quickly as possible. And don’t forget: the patient’s experience is the priority, it starts with seeing your ads and ends in the dentist’s chair in his office. Every detail matters.

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